Find the Right Trendy Kundan Polki Chandbalis Online

Find the Right Trendy Kundan Polki Chandbalis Online

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Left: Gorgeous stones from kundan adorned massive earrings in chandbali with an amazing 22 carat of gold. A beautiful flower design is embellished on the parts of the jhumka's bottom with a lovely single flower that is attached at the top with a large ruby, and covered with white stones. A few pearls droplets hang.

Right Large polki stones are adorned two-step chandbalis with blue sapphires and the jhumkas of polki stones at the lower part of the.

Two step kundan polki diamond jhumkas that feature pearls and emerald drops. The approximate weight is 60 grams.
Triangle-shaped red kundan with stones from polki were set in broad earrings with pearls.

When you embellish your ears with chandbali earrings, it instantly gives you an look of luxurious elegance. They were favored through Hyderabadi Mughal rulers, or Nizams Chand bali earrings were the common jewelry of the royals for a long time. The name for this distinctive piece of jewelry comes from the 'chand' crescent moon-like design and 'bali' which is rings-style daggers.

It is possible to purchase these unique Indian earrings online from Myntra without difficulty. Take a look at the chand bali earrings prices for all of your favorite styles. Complete your jewellery storage box with inexpensive options to match your grand outfits.


At Myntra we provide you with an extensive selection of options of chand bali earrings. You can pick your favorite designs for various events, such as the wedding reception or a party night and you'll discover the ideal options on the Myntra online shop.

Try the following kinds of earrings made from chand bali to wear with different outfits for different occasions:

    1. Kundan earrings feature the molten enamel of multi-colored gems set on the gold base. To get a stunning look for your wedding choose a pair that is layered. In this case, several crescent-shaped pieces that are of a decreasing width are placed one over each other. Select a gold-tone stone-studded pair filled with gorgeous red or green beads. You can wear a heavily ornamented Lehenga Choli with bangles that are thick and an kundan choker necklace to complete the style.


    1. For a different option to the crescent shape, go for a chandbali earring with a circular shape. Pick an gold-toned and white pair set with stones and beads. Select one that has an earring cable that can be tied onto your hair. You can wear a stunning Anarkali dress with these gorgeous earrings and then head to an engagement celebration.


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